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Millennium Development Goals

Goal 1

Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

Goal 2

Achive universal primary education

Goal 3

Promote gender equality and empower women.

Goal 4

Reduce child mortality.

Goal 5

Improve maternal health.

Goal 6

Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases.

Goal 7

Ensure environmental sustainability

Goal 8

A global partnership for development

Guidelines for Submission of Project Proposal Under CFTC


- Background Information (including reference to the involvement of other development partners/agencies)

- Purpose of Project and Immediate Objectives

- Description / Design of the Project

- Details of Department/ Organisation Managing the Project

- Assessment of Anticipated Outcomes (including identification of beneficiaries and impact of the project)

- National and/ or Regional Relevance (Brunei Darussalam's Vision 2035, Commonwealth Strategic Plan, UN Millennium development Goals)

- Assessment of Sustainability (including references to institutional and capacity building as described in project design)

- Any Implication of the Project for:

     1. Gender Issues

     2. Environmental Considerations

     3. Poverty alleviation

     4. Human Rights

     5. Youth

- Proposed Time Table and Duration

- Any Known Cost Implications (including any local or other contribution)

- Logical Framework

In addition, for experts:

   - Line Position-(Operational or Advisory)

   - Terms of Reference / Job Description

   - Skill/Experience/Qualifications Required

   - Proposed Reporting Relationships

   - Indication of Inputs by Government Institutions

   - Arrangements for Provision of Counterparts

​Strategic Plan

Goal 1

(Peace and Democracy ) will be achieved through four programmes:

Democracy Pillar- promoting Commonwealth fundemental political.

- Programme 1: Good Office for Peace.

- Programme 2: Democracy and Consensus Building.

- Programme 3: Rule of Law.

- Programme 4: Human Rights.

Goal 2

(Pro-poor Growth and Sustainable Development) will be achieved through four programmes:

Development Pillar- developing national capacity of member countries

- Programme 5: Public sector Development

- Programme 6: Economic Development

- Programme 7: Environmentally Sustainable development

- Programme 8: Human Rights

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