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·       Visa application

·       National Passport

·       Emergency Certificate

·       Application to Register the Birth of a Child Born Outside Brunei Whose Father is a Citizen of Brunei

·       Request for a Certificate of Good Conduct for a Person That Previously Lived or Worked in Brunei Darussalam

·       Request for a Certified True Copy of Brunei Documents

·       Brunei Identity Card Renewal



All foreign nationals entering Brunei Darussalam must have visas obtainable from any Brunei Darussalam diplomatic missions abroad except the following countries with which Brunei Darussalam has visa arrangements.

Countries which have Visa arrangements with Brunei Darussalam:-

CountryForeign Nationals entering Brunei Darussalam
Australia 30 Days   (Visa on Arrival)
Austria90 Days
Bahrain30 Days   (Visa on Arrival)
Belgium90 Days
Bulgaria90 Days
Cambodia14 Days
Canada14 Days
China14 Days   (For Diplomatic and Service Passports only)
14 Days   (Visa on Arrival for tourists)
Croatia90 Days
Cyprus90 Days
Czech Republic90 Days
Denmark90 Days
Estonia90 Days
Finland90 Days
France90 Days
Germany90 Days
Greece90 Days
Hong  Kong14 Days
Hungary90 Days
Iceland90 Days
India14 days (For Diplomatic and Official Passports only)
Indonesia14 Days
Iran30 Days   (For Diplomatic and Official Passports only)
Ireland90 Days
Italy90 Days
Japan14 Days
Kuwait30 Days   (Visa on Arrival)
Latvia90 Days
Laos14 Days  
Liechtenstein90 Days
Lithuania90 Days
Luxembourg90 Days
Macau14   Days 
Malaysia30 Days
Maldives14 Days
Malta90 Days
Mongolia14 Days   (For Diplomatic and Official Passports only)
Myanmar14 Days   
Netherlands90 Days
New  Zealand30 Days
Norway90 Days
Oman30 Days
Pakistan  14 Days   (For Diplomatic and Official Passports only)
Peru14 Days
Poland90 Days
Philippines14 Days
Portugal90 Days
Qatar14 Days   (Visa on Arrival)
Republic of Korea30 Days

14 Days   (For Brunei National: Diplomatic and Official Passports only)

14 Days   (For Russia National: Diplomatic and Service Passports only)

Romania90 Days
Spain90 Days
Sweden90 Days
Switzerland90 Days
Slovenia90 Days
Singapore30 Days
Slovakia90 Days
Saudi Arabia30 Days   (Visa on Arrival)
Taiwan14 Days   (Visa on Arrival)
Tajikistan14 Days   (For Diplomatic, Official and Service Passports only)

30 Days (For Diplomatic and Official Passports only)

14 Days (For Ordinary Passports)

Turkey30 Days 
Ukraine30 Days
United Kingdom90 Days
United States of America90 Days    
United Arab Emirates30 Days
Vietnam14 Days


Note: Countries not listed on the table above, please contact Consular Section, High Commission of Brunei Darussalam for further information.

Documents Required for Visa Application

1.       Complete visa application form per applicant

2.       Applicant's passport (Passport must be valid for at least six months past intended date of entry. There should be at least six unmarked pages remaining)

3.       A copy of applicant's passport

4.       A copy of Malaysia Pass (social/employment/student/dependent/residence)

5.       Two (2) recent passport-size photographs with blue or white background

6.       A copy of confirmed travel itinerary (return flight details)

7.       A copy of confirmed hotel reservation

8.       Original verification letter from company (employee) or university (student) in Malaysia (if applicable)

9.       Invitation letter from Brunei side (business/meeting/conference, if applicable)

10.   A copy of marriage certificate (if applicable)

11.   A copy of spouse's IC/passport (if applicable)

12.   A copy of birth certificate (for children, if applicable)

13.   A copy of sponsor's Identity Card (IC), latest passport and valid employment pass in Brunei. (if applicable)

14.   A copy of relevant certificate to prove family members that need to be visited in Brunei (if applicable)

a.       Husband/wife – Marriage certificate

b.       Children – Birth certificates

c.       Siblings – Birth certificates

15.   3 months bank statement

16.   Visa fee RM70.00 for single entry. Multiple entry - RM100 (for less than 3 months) and RM165 (3 months to 6 months - subject to approval). Payment in cash, visa fee is non-refundable)

Employment visa:

For those entering Brunei Darussalam for employment purposes, visas cannot be granted without a valid prior approval issued by the Department of Immigration and National Registration in Brunei Darussalam. Visitors are not allowed to engage in full/part-time work without permission from the Director of Immigration. Documents required for employment visa are follows:

1)      Complete medical check up form together with the results

(Medical check up must be done at any clinic/hospitals in Malaysia that registered under FOMEMA Sdn. Bhd.)

2)      A copy of visa authority letter issued by the Department of Immigration and National Registration in Brunei Darussalam

3)      A copy of offer letter from the company

4)      Complete visa application form (for Non-Malaysian)

5)      5 passport size photo with white or blue background

6)      A copy of applicant's passport

7)      A copy of applicant's Identity Card


Note: The above regulations may be subject to change without prior notice.

Visa issued is valid for up to three months only. The application process will normally take at least THREE (3) working days.

Please note that some countries may need to be forwarded to Brunei and it may take AT LEAST one month to process.

Note : It is advisable to submit the application forms together with the required documents to the High Commission at least two (2) weeks before the scheduled travel to Brunei Darussalam. However, for countries which needed to be referred to Brunei Darussalam, it is advised to submit the applications two (2) months earlier.



National Passport

Bruneian nationals who need to renew or have lost their passports are advised to notify the High Commission as soon as possible. Required documents are follows:

1.       Complete passport renewal form

2.       Original passport

3.       A formal letter explaining reason of passport renewal

4.       Four (4) recent passport photographs with blue background

5.       Copy of Brunei Identity Card (IC)

6.       Copy of passport

7.       Copy of Malaysia visa pass (if applicable)

8.       Copy of marriage certificate (if married with a Malaysian)

9.       Copy of spouse's IC and passport (if married with a Malaysian)

10.   Copy of police report (if passport lost)

11.   Payment of BND60 (Payable in Ringgit Malaysia, (RM) based on the Brunei Government current exchange rate)


Emergency certificate

This certificate is a one-way travel document issued to Brunei citizens abroad to return back to Brunei Darussalam in the event of lost passport or born overseas.

1.       Complete emergency certificate application form

2.       Four (4) passport-size photos with blue background

3.       A letter addressed to the High Commission stating the request to apply for a emergency certificate with reason

4.       Copy of Brunei Passport

5.       Copy of Police Report (if passport lost)

6.       Copy of Brunei Identity Card (both sides) or Identification Certificate

7.       Letter of certification from present educational institutions (for students) or employer (for employees)

8.       Copy of applicant's Birth Certificate (for child born in foreign country)

9.       Copy of parents' Marriage Certificate (for child born in foreign country)

10.   Copy of parents' Birth Certificates (for child born in foreign country)

11.   Copy of parents' Identity Card/Identity Certificates (for child born in foreign country)

12.   Copy of parents' Passports (for child born in foreign country)

13.   Copy of flight itinerary

14.   Payment of RM70

Note: After receiving the Emergency Certificate, the applicant need to bring the Emergency Certificate to Malaysia's Immigration Department for issuance of Special Pass.


Download A1 Form here

Download D Form here


Documents RequiredChildFatherMotherGrandfather (Paternal)
Application Form to Register at  Brunei Mission Abroad the Birth of a Child Born Outside Brunei Whose Father is a Citizen of BruneiRequired
2A1 Form and D FormRequired
3Copy of Birth CertificateRequiredRequired
4Copy of Marriage CertificateRequired
5Copy of Identity CardRequiredRequiredRequired
6Copy of Citizenship CertificateRequiredRequiredRequired
7Copy of PassportRequiredRequired
8Copy of the letter from current employerRequiredRequired
9Letter explaining the reasons giving birth outside Brunei Darussalam. (Eg: working, studying, official trip, personal)


Those requiring a Police Certificate of Good Conduct from Brunei Darussalam should submit the following documents to the High Commission and it will take minimum of three (3) months to be issued:

1.       An explanatory letter addressed to the Commissioner of the Royal Brunei Police Force explaining the reason for requesting the Certificate of Good Conduct, and some background of the applicant's previous stay in Brunei Darussalam

2.       Supporting documents as a proof of residency in Brunei (Employment pass / Brunei Identification Card / Letter of appointment)

3.       Copy of all pages of applicant's current passport

4.       Current mailing address, email and contact number

5.       Payment of BND50 (payable in Ringgit Malaysia, RM based on the Brunei Government current exchange rate)



The requirements for a certified true copy for any Brunei documents are as follows:

1.       An explanatory letter for the request including details on reason requesting for the certified true copy

2.       Original Brunei documents for verification

3.       Copy of Brunei documents that need to be certified

4.       Copy of Identity Card/Passport of applicant



Brunei Identity Card renewal cannot be done through the High Commision as it is centrally done at the Department of Immigration and Registry in Brunei Darussalam.